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About Us

First: Our Vision

To be among the world's most distinguished entities in both fields of maintaining integrity and combating corruption.

Second: Our Message

Working towards maintaining integrity and combating corruption within the entities that fall under Nazaha's jurisdiction, to promote integrity, transparency, honesty, justice, and equality.

Third: Our Objectives

  1. 1. Pursue implementation of the National Strategy for Maintaining Integrity and Combating Corruption, identify, evaluate and review results thereof, and develop action plans and application mechanisms.
  2. 2. Coordinate public and private sectors' efforts in planning, monitoring and evaluating anti-corruption programs.
  3. 3. Gather, classify, categorize, and analyze information, data and statistics related to corruption, in order to establish a national database for the purpose of maintaining integrity and combating corruption.

Fourth: Our Work Values

We, the employees of the National Anti-Corruption Commission are committed to the following:

A. Moral Obligation

Applying all aspects of our Islamic religion in our work, to be a role model in preventing corruption in our society.

B. Transparency and Justice

Working to promote accountability of every official regardless of position, to outreach and detect facts without any influence, and to ensure that no preferential treatment be made regardless of the person's position or social status. By doing that, Nazaha aims to combat corruption wherever found.

C. Confidentiality and Protection of Information

Ensuring confidentiality of sources and whistleblowers information, to provide them with necessary protection.

D. Excellence in Performance

Aiming to reach the highest levels of excellence in performing our duties.  

E. Teamwork Spirit

Encouraging teamwork between Nazaha's employees, in order to reach the objectives of Nazaha.​