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1) Question: How is corruption defined?

Answer: See our page on What is Corruption? 

2) Question: What types of corruption does Nazaha investigate?

Answer: Here at Nazaha, we investigate all corruption cases concerning public funds and public functions, including money laundry, briberies, misuse of public funds, misuse of administrative duties, and abuse of employee positions.


3) Question: Do I need to be a victim to report acts of corruption?

Answer: No, you do not need to be a victim to report an act of corruption.


4) Question: Are there any laws regarding whistleblowers?

Answer: Yes, there is a Royal Decree regarding protection of whistleblowers. Click here to view


5) Question: How do I report acts of corruption?

 Answer: You can report an act of corruption by clicking here.​


6) Question: Is my personal information kept confidential?

Answer: You have the option to keep your personal information confidential.


7) Question: What details do I need to report a suspected act of corruption?

Answer: Mention all known details of the suspected corruption act and attach any related documents to support your claim.


8) Question: What will happen once I file a report of suspected corruption?

Answer: Your report will be analyzed by our specialists and directed to the relevant investigative department.


9)  Question: How long does an investigation last?

Answer: The process of investigation starts within 24 hours of receiving your report. The length of an investigation depends on the nature of the report filed.


10)  Question: How do I find a status update on a report I filed?

Answer: Only victims of corruption can view the status of a report by logging into our portal here, or by calling 980.


11)  Question: Will I be updated on the outcome of the corruption report filed?

Answer: Once we are done with our investigation, you will informed of the outcome via phone call or text message on the phone number that you provided.