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The Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority initiates (889) Criminal and Disciplinary cases


​An official source in the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority stated that the Authority dealt with (889) criminal and disciplinary cases during the last period, most prominent of which were as follow: First case: in connection with what has been announced in regard to a suspicion of corruption, illicit gain and exploitation of the influence of the public office for a number of employees of the municipalities of one of the governorates of the Riyadh region, and after issuing the necessary orders from the criminal investigation and prosecution unit (13) government employees in the same entity, (4) businessmen, (5) residents working for contracting companies were arrested, and a search of their houses was conducted and a totaling amount of (193,639,535) Riyal in cash was found, Which was hidden in several places, such as the false ceilings, a service room in a mosque and a ground water tank, and a two meters deep underground safe in a room of one of the houses of the accused. As well as an inventory was made of all the real estates purchased with illegal sources by all the involved arrested parties which their market value amounted to (141,989,709) Riyal, in addition, an amount of (149,418,972) Riyal was available in their bank accounts. Through investigation, it was concluded that one of the accused had exploited his position in disbursing an amount of (110,006,545) Riyal through Etimad Platform for commercial entities with the aim of obtaining those sums, in effect, those funds were frozen and (2,500,000) Riyal worth of (grocery prepaid cards), and a (149,225) Riyal worth of (fuel prepaid cards), (4,115,304) Riyal worth of foreign currencies. The cash, real estate, bank account balances, foreign currencies, and prepaid cards that were seized amount to (601,819,290) Riyal. Second case: the arrest of (2) residents (Arab nationals) red handed while receiving (1,000,000) Riyal and check of (3,000,000) Riyal from an all over amount of (7,000,000) Riyal which was agreed upon with an owner of an enterprise in exchange of obtaining a transport project and another government project that worth (680,000,000) Riyal in addition to financial commissions for engineers and counselors in the project exceeds (50,000,000) Riyal. Third case: the arrest of a retired noncommissioned officer who worked as warehouse manager in one of the security sectors for embezzling (1,844,850) Riyal. Fourth case: in cooperation with the Saudi Customs (3) residents (Arab nationals) red handed while giving an amount of (850,000) Riyal out of (1000,000) Riyal for one of the customs employee in exchange for allowing a shipment of prohibited matters to enter the country. Fifth case: in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense the arrest of (3) officers and (1) noncommissioned officer, and (5) persons who work in a contracting company with the ministry in some projects in a military base for the act of falsifying official documents to prove the completion of one of the projects, which resulted in full disbursement for the company and granting the responsible officer an amount of (240,000) Riyal to buy car. Sixth case: the arrest of a former director of a branch of the Ministry of Justice in one of the provinces for paying (500,000) Riyal to the director of the expropriation department in the same province's municipality in exchange for finalizing a financial compensation of (17,300,000) for him in an illegal manner. Seventh case: the arrest of an employee in the Ministry of Transport (marine inspector) for colluding with the owner of an enterprise by approving the activity his business in the ministry in exchange for obtaining (50%) of their profit, which amounted to (300,000) Riyal. Eighth case: the arrest of a former employee in a municipality of one of the towns in the Eastern province for awarding a number of projects for his own companies and that which he has relations with their owners, and it resulted in contracts of (13,935,000) Riyal. Ninth case: the arrest of (2) noncommissioned officers and (2) female employee who work in the traffic department of one of the regions for exploiting the public office and bribery by issuing forged international driver licenses for a number of female citizens and helping them in replacing them with Saudi ones. The number of those licenses reached (223) in exchange for an amount of (1500-3000) Riyal for each. Tenth case: the arrest of an employee in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in one of the regions red handed while asking for sums of money in exchange for transferring the sponsorship of an expatriate illegally. Eleventh case: the arrest of an Asian national who works in the Health Affairs Department in one of the ministries for selling medical appliances to a company for an amount of (57,540) Riyal. Twelfth case: the arrest of an employee in a municipality in one of the regions for requesting (50,000) Riyal from a female citizen in exchange for submitting official documents in an illegal manner. Thirteenth case: in cooperation with the Saudi Customs (1) citizen and (2) residents were caught red handed for paying (100,000) Riyal for a customs supervisor to facilitate the entry of a fabric shipment that has prohibited matters. The Authority affirms on the continuation to pursue anyone who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm the public interest in any way possible, and that it is continuing to hold the negligent parties accountable and apply what the law rules against them with no tolerance. The Authority also appreciates the efforts of government entities in fighting financial and administrative corruption and the development of policies and procedures that promote speedy achievements which shut any inlets for corruption, and it commends the cooperation of those entities and the media on their effort in promoting integrity, transparency and fighting corruption, and it would like as well to thank the citizens and residents in reporting to it through its available channels, including the toll free number (980) for any practices involving financial or administrative corruption that would undermine the efforts of the government to support and promote the path of comprehensive development in light of Vision 2030. It also extends its thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz - may Allah protect them - for the unlimited support to the Authority in order to exercise its jurisdiction and perform its tasks in fighting financial and administrative corruption in all its forms and manifestations.  ​