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​The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs organize a workshop entitled (integrity ... sustainable development)


The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, in Riyadh, today, Monday 07/06/2020, held a workshop entitled "Integrity ... sustainable development", targeting municipal officials and employees of units Internal audit.

The workshop aims at raising the efficiency of the target audience to achieve advanced levels in fighting corruption and promoting transparency and integrity.

The workshop discussed a number of topics that deal with achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision, raising awareness of the effects of corruption on society and the economy, raising awareness of regulations and rules related to fighting corruption, the most notable of which are the Code of Conduct and work Ethics.

It ended by reviewing the most important recommendations proposed by the participants to promote integrity in the municipal sector, and propose appropriate solutions.

The organization of this workshop comes from the Authority's jurisdiction in organizing conferences, seminars and training courses on transparency, integrity and fighting corruption.