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Judicial rulings in financial and administrative corruption crimes


 An official source in the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority announced the issuance of preliminary judicial rulings in a number of financial and administrative corruption cases, as the first case involved crimes of wasting of public money, administrative misuse, bribery, counterfeiting, the use of a forged editor, money laundering, and covering up on the perpetrators of these crimes. The parties of this case consist of (12 people), Including five employees of the court of execution and a notary and six other people. The details of this case enfolds as i a number of employees of the court of execution breached their job duties and wasted public money which resulted in the withdrawal of a financial amount of about (65 million riyals) from the court account of the requesting party although the amount did not arrive to the court's account from the executor. One of them received a bribe in order to help sign a false deposit receipts and used them for issuance in favor of the execution applicant. The notary participated in the case after he had personally assigned a person for the execution applicant for the purpose of using the authorization to cash the check with the help of a local bank employee and with the participation of mediators; by investigating those involved and referring them to the competent court a judicial rulings were issued against them that ranged between imprisonment and fines, and the imprisonment sentence reached for one of the convicted to (11 years and 6 months), and the total sentences (22 years and 10 months)  and the total fines were 1 million and twenty five thousand riyals, in addition to recovering the amounts involved in the crime.

The second case was manifested by the request of two health affairs employees in the Riyadh region to pay a bribe in exchange for the disbursement of credits to a contractor for one of the projects of King Khaled Hospital in Al-Majmaah region, and exploit contracts for personal interest, wasting public money on payment and maintenance  through paying the contractor an amount of (23 million riyals) while the completed value of work does not exceed (6 million riyals). They also attempted to conceal and disguise the nature of the funds and dispose of them, in addition to committing one of them a crime of forgery, and by investigating those involved and hearing the statements of the parties to the case, including the project contractor and one of the company's employees who initiated the reporting of this crime, and by referring those involved to the judicial system, a court ruling was issued to convict the employees of the Health Affairs in Riyadh, where the first got sentenced to prison for (7 years and six months) and a financial fine of 1 million one hundred and twenty thousand riyals, and the second of imprisonment for (6 years and six months) and a fine of 1 ​million and twenty thousand riyals.

As for the third case which one of the employees of the Municipality of Riyadh region was part of after receiving a financial sum of money of (250 thousand riyals) as a bribe in exchange for issuing a qualification license to an engineering consultancy office in an illegal manner, and after investigating and confronting those involved with the charges against them, they were referred to the court and judicial rulings were issued against the briber and the bribed for a year and six months each, in addition to a fine.

 The Authority affirms that it will continue to protect public money and hold accountable anyone who uses their position to hinder development projects or investment activities or harm the public interest in any way. The Authority also appreciates the efforts made by all government entities to provide their services to beneficiaries transparently and easily in accordance with the principle of the rule of law, and their full cooperation in reporting any irresponsible behavior seeking illegal gains.

The Authority also thanks the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince for their unlimited support to exercise its jurisdiction and to what brings about the benefit and good for all.