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In cooperation with the International Anti-Corruption Academy Nazaha conducts a training program on the procedure and mechanism of public sector's investigation


The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), in cooperation with the Internationa Anti-Corruption Academy , held a training program entitled " procedure and mechanism of public sector's investigation " for four days at Nazaha's Training Center in Riyadh, 8-11 / 2019, with the participation of specialists from the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, in the presence of a number of specialists from the Control and Investigation Board, Presidency of State Security, Public Prosecution, General Auditing Bureau and the Ministries of Interior and Finance.

The program aims to develop the skills of trainees to manage investigation of violations and irregularities that may be committed in the public sector, and to identify and arrange the collection of evidence in secret and public stages.

Nazaha's organization of this training program comes from its statute in organizing conferences, seminars and training courses on transparency, integrity and fighting corruptio​n.