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The World Bank, in cooperation with (Nazaha), conducts a training program on the follow-up and recovery of assets resulting from corruption crimes


The World Bank, in cooperation with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), is conducting a training program entitled "Follow-up and Assets Recovery Resulting from Corruption Crimes: Procedures, Challenges and Best Practices", in the presence of a number of specialists from the State Security, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Board of Grievances, Public Prosecution, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency(SAMA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Emirate of the Regions, at Nazaha's Center for Training at the commission's  headquarters in Riyadh during the period 11-13 / 6/2019 AD

The course aims at analyzing the basic framework for recovery of assets and funds resulting from corruption crimes, with an emphasis on international dimensions of the identification of assets to be recovered, the identification legally on how to recover international assets and the know-how of international best practices in this area.

Nazaha's organization of this  training program is pursuant to the Royal Decree No. 12515 dated 15/3/1439 AH to discuss proposed mechanisms prepared by Nazaha on the follow-up of the assets recovery resulting from corruption crimes, and from its jurisdiction in organizing conferences, seminars, and training programs on protecting integrity, promoting transparency and fighting corruption.