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Nazaha and the General Commission for Survey are discussing ways of technical cooperation to investigate and verify cases of encroachment on government property


The President of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), Dr. Khaled bin Abdulmohsen Al-Muhaisen, received on Thursday, 16/5/2019, at his office at Nazaha's headquarters in Riyadh, the President of the General Commission for Survey Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Saab, and number of specialists in order to discuss aspects of cooperation regarding the availability of a technical system that allows taking aerial photographs that Nazaha can utilize in the investigation and verification of cases of encroachment on land and government property, pursuant to the supreme orders and resolutions of the Council of Ministers in this regard, which pertains the maintenance of government property and to prevent any removal of any encroachments.

The two sides reviewed the joint objectives of the two entities in order to protect integrity, promote the principle of transparency and fighting corruption, in addition to exchanging experiences, to come up with a common vision that serves the public interest.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Abdulmohsen bin Mohammed Al-Muneef, vice President for Fighting Coruption, Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed AbalKhail, Vice Prisdent for the protection of Integrity, and number of specialists. And fro, the General Commission for Survey's side, Dr. Bandar bin Talal Al-Muslimani, Vice President of the General Commission for Survey , And the Director General of the Survey Information Center, Mr. Ahmed Bin Saleh Al-Wasidi.