​Praise be to Allah, Lord of all creation, and prayers and peace upon our Prophet Mohammad;
The Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been working since the issuance of the Royal Order No. (65/A), dated 13/04/1432 AH, on the establishment thereof, upon the completion of its implementing regulation, and the recruitment of qualified capabilities and human resource, thereafter, setting the executive plans, outlining future strategies for the Authority, to fulfill its mandates to the fullest extent.

Launching the Authority​'s website comes in context mentioned above. Among the goals of this website is to promote communication with the public, adding a new channel of communication to the currently available channels, through which the Authority receives public opinions, complaints and reports, in accordance with paragraph (12) of article (3) of the Authority's Statute, which was issued under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (165), dated 28/05/1432 AH, aiming to provide communication channels with the public, to receive their reports on corrupt practices.

By launching this website, the Authority hopes to establish effective cooperation, exchange opinions and information in both fields of maintaining integrity and combating corruption. Also, the Authority looks forward to develop the website further in the near future.

President of The Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority


Mazin bin​ Ibrahim AL-Kahmous​